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In the past, having the best data provided an advantage in investment markets

Now, the increasing commoditization of data means it’s the INTERPRETATION of that data that provides the advantage in investment markets.


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Dear Friend,

Since 2008, financial events have been pulsating rapidly. More data is available than we can ever get through, let alone understand.

Information overload exists. When faced with it, our minds can become paralyzed, not sure who or what to trust. This has led to feelings of uncertainty within the current markets.

You know that there’s something wrong, but you’re not sure what to do about it.  You’re thinking about yourself, but also what you can build for your children and their future.  I, too, have felt that unsettled feeling before back in 2008 - when it really did feel like the world was ending.

I was in a space of fear.

Not knowing where these markets were going to take me and my investments but also wondering how I could build a foundation that would impact my children’s future in a positive way. Up until that point, I looked at information through a single lens. I felt like I was getting dragged around using one-dimensional thinking, wondering what piece of the puzzle was I missing.  

What would you say if I told you that clear, concise data analysis that will impact you, your children, and your investment process could be delivered directly to you?


I began FFTT, LLC to serve investors who were looking for a holistic perspective in their investment process.   


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Prior to starting Forest for the Trees (FFTT, LLC) in 2014, I worked on Wall Street as an analyst and salesperson. It was here that I began to see a huge chasm between how information was being received and compiled to how it was then being interpreted and delivered.

It was causing a silo effect - information being hoarded rather than shared openly between interested parties. 

Data was sold on the market, much like gold and platinum, but we were missing the bigger picture. There were few who bothered connecting the dots or explaining what this information actually meant. Investors found they were often “missing the forest for the trees,” so to speak.


FFTT, LLC exists for that exact reason.


2008 made me realize many things I thought I knew were wrong and sent me off on a journey of new learning. I knew that I needed multi-dimensional thinking. To have more than the one lens to look through.

And if I needed this, so did my clients. So I read - a lot.  And I began understanding that there was more to see, if you had the eyes to see it, and more to hear - if you had the ears to hear it.

That journey has helped create a new perspective through which I view the world and which has been demonstrated to have predictive value in the past decade. Since 1995, I’ve helped my clients understand their investment process by creating a weekly report highlighting 10 vital pieces of information. I called it, “The 10 Most Interesting Things I’ve Seen This Week.”

Not the most evocative title, I know, but my clients loved it.

Over the years, my report has been modified, renamed, polished, and imbued so you’re getting only the stories, coupled with my insights, that truly benefit you. It is that framework that we use and try to share in every issue of Tree Rings.

Back in July 2018, FFTT Tree Rings began with a focus on helping the individual investor look through a multi-dimensional lens in order to make better investment decisions.  

This annual subscription service delivers weekly reports direct to your inbox. For just $96/year, you’ll finally be able to see the forest for the trees.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Here’s what some of our FFTT Tree Rings Clients have to say:


For less than the cost of a latte per week, you’ll get 

  • The 10 stories and charts I’ve found interesting and important that week,

  • Unique, independent, value-added thinking for urbane investors like you,

  • Powerful insights and interpretations you won’t hear anywhere else,

  • Clear and concise information broken down in a way you’ll fully understand, putting you in the driver’s seat of your investment process,

  • Just the highlights! You won’t be bogged down with information overload so you can fully view the Forest For The Trees

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The aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis has left us reeling for answers. We need to understand not just economics, but political economics, too. This failure to investigate political economics led to either significant actual loss or significant opportunity loss on major investments.

The unipolar world that existed from the collapse of the USSR in 1989 to just a few years ago is being replaced by a multipolar one.

Are you factoring these changes into your investment strategy?

We have a unique ability to identify and analyze how political, economic, and geopolitical factors impact your assets. By gathering and interpreting data holistically, my clients were able to see their investment process from a whole new viewpoint.

Join other investors making smart, informed, contrary financial decisions. See for yourself how you can connect the dots to see the bigger picture.

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