FFTT Tree Rings

In the past, having the best data provided an advantage in investment markets

Now, the increasing commoditization of data means it’s the INTERPRETATION of that data that provides the advantage in investment markets.

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In an economic landscape where events are changing rapidly and information is plentiful, it’s easy to get overloaded. Getting concise analysis of the most impactful information will positively impact your investment process.

Before I left my Wall Street career to begin Forest for the Trees (FFTT, LLC.), I began seeing a gap in the way information was being disseminated and interpreted that was leading to an increasing “silo-ing” of investment perspectives.

Data was increasingly becoming commoditized, while connecting the dots and value-added interpretation of the data seemed to be becoming rarer and rarer; people were often “missing the forest for the trees” because the dots were not being connected.

I began FFTT for that very reason.

I have been in this business since 1995 – a long time. In my prior seats as a Wall Street salesperson and analyst, I created and edited a weekly report that highlighted 10 key points of interest I thought would be helpful to my clients’ investing process. It was called “The 10 Most Interesting Things I’ve Seen This Week”.

I know, not a very creative title - however, my customers LOVED it.

When I stepped out on my own in 2014 to form Forest for the Trees (FFTT, LLC), I did so in order to be able to provide unique, independent, valued-added contrarian thinking to sophisticated investors. Unfortunately, “The 10 Most Interesting Things” weekly report got shelved as I began building FFTT from scratch.

Four years later, we’ve decided it’s time “The 10 Most Interesting Things” be brought back into circulation. We’ve breathed some new life and depth into the “10 Most Interesting Things” report which has now become “FFTT Tree Rings.”

FFTT Tree Rings is an annual subscription that offers weekly insights from me. Each weekly report will consist of a series of 10 stories and charts I have found interesting and contain a brief analysis on each story highlighting why they are potentially impactful to investors' outlooks.

The investment for an annual subscription to FFTT Tree Rings is $96/year. Click on the button below to subscribe!



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In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, it has become increasingly important to understand not just economics, but political economics. The failure to understand critical aspects of political economy have caused many investors either significant actual losses or significant opportunity cost losses on their investments.

The unipolar world that existed from the time the USSR collapsed in 1989 until a few years ago is now ending; in its place, a more multipolar world is rapidly emerging. If you are not factoring these changes into your economic analysis, you are investing with a big blind spot. Our unique ability to identify and analyze political economic and geopolitical factors AND how those factors impact your investment process are a key reason FFTT has thrived in the five years since its founding.

I've always maintained a very small ring of high-level relationships made over 25 yrs w/whom I have shared unique thoughts on stories/charts/data.

We decided that it was time that the ring be widened and now we want to open up our thoughts to a whole new audience interested in our perspectives on rapidly-accelerating events in the world.

Get inside the ring and connect the dots to see the bigger picture.

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