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** "We recently had our quarterly advisory board discussion with special guest Luke Gromen, founder of Forest For The Trees, which we are big fans of." ~ Ronald-Peter Stoeferle and Mark J. Valek, Incrementum AG
"The incredible work of @LukeGromen was the inspiration for a lot of this presentation.  Follow him. You'll thank me!"  ~ Grant Williams, Author of 'Things that Make you go Hmmm'
** If you have ANY interest in the USD, you do NOT want to miss this interview with @LukeGromen! Very unique perspective. ~ Erik Townsend, Host of the Macrovoices Podcast
** Macrovoices Podcast 9/10/17
This week's show w/ @LukeGromen is generating a serious buzz in the macro community. Hear his #USD bear thesis: http://apple.co/2eLMxKb
** Ryan Daly, MD (@DrRyanPDaly)  4/14/18, 11:38 PM
@LukeGromen, Yeah your weekly FFTT reports read like an amazing world-class course in real world Macro-economics. Application is everything.

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Luke Gromen, CFA
Forest for the Trees

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