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Two things that caught my attention this week, 2/4/19:

  1. US factory order weakness today = 2018 USD bounce biting; similar to this time last year when “coordinated global growth” was really just 12% USD decline in 2017.  USD must be weakened or else economic weakness will likely continue.  
  2. According to the WSJ, China and Russia have put aside longstanding tensions to cooperate and counter the U.S.  Some say China/Russia alliance won’t last due to historical tensions, may very well be true – but for as long as US has missiles pointed at & only a few seconds of flying time from Moscow, their alliance will continue to grow, if only out of necessity.

Hope that you had a great weekend!  My new book, The Mr. X Interviews Vol. I is available here:  https://amzn.to/2V64pDb.  Stay connected by joining our weekly newsletter at www.fftt-llc.com.


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