the  forest  for  the  trees

Dear Friend,

How is the US’ relationship with the world changing after the 2008 financial crisis? Why is that relationship changing? What will those changes potentially mean for the US and global economies?

We rarely hear such topics discussed in the mainstream media, and the little we do hear tends to be brief and topical. That’s why, in Mr. X, I present you with a conversation between himself and a fictional US sovereign creditor to give us an outsider’s look into how the changing role of the US dollar in the global economy could drive meaningful shifts in financial and geopolitical policies in coming years.

Luke Gromen is the founder of FFTT, LLC (“Forest for the Trees”), a research firm that aggregates a wide variety of macroeconomic, thematic, and sector trends to identify investable, developing economic bottlenecks for its customers. He wrote Mr. X to give voice to a number of seemingly disparate trends all pointing to major changes developing in the global economy.

This book gives a brief and incisive look at why the world needs the US dollar less and less. In Gromen’s conversations with Mr. X, readers will learn:

  • Why the global currency system is undergoing the biggest change in 50-70 years

  • Who is driving this change

  • Who the winners and losers of this change could be

  • What signposts to watch for that will signal what is happening with this change

  • How to position one’s own assets to benefit over time from this change in the global currency system

"Hope you and your family had a great Holiday. Bought the book last night and it is a page turner, great read. I am going to order several copies for family and friends." ~T.M.

" Two copies arrived yesterday, finished my copy. I’m a lot smarter today than I was yesterday. Luke: You will save many from financial ruin..."~K.C.

I believe that arguably the most undervalued assets on Wall Street are history books. In Mr. X, I explain how we are repeating history, and what that might mean for a variety of asset classes and for readers’ financial well-being.

The Mr. X Interviews is $13.99 per book.