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FFTT Strategies

FFTT publishes two products for its customers: The weekly “Forest For The Trees” and the bi-monthly shorter-form webinar with transcripts “Running thru the Forest.” Both focus on aggregating macroeconomic and thematic trends from many different industry verticals in an unconventional manner, with a particular eye towards recognizing investable developing economic bottlenecks for our customers.

We focus on sector analysis because our nearly 20 years of experience has taught us that sector selection is a key determinant of investment outperformance, and we focus on finding investable developing economic bottlenecks because that same experience has taught us that excess investment returns accrue to sectors positioned to benefit from those bottlenecks.

How FFTT is different:

  1. A deeply ingrained contrarian streak that starts looking at every topic by asking “How could conventional wisdom or consensus be wrong about this?”
  2. We have spent nearly 20 years developing a unique ability to find the most critical pieces of information out of large amounts of data and then putting those pieces of information together into investable themes for our customers.
  3. We are students of economic history and find that oftentimes, helping our customers understand what happened in the past can help us make better-informed decisions about what may happen in the future.
  4. We put more weight on the actions of economic actors than we do on their words – “watching what they do rather than listening to what they say” helps our customers better anticipate events.


Contact Information

Luke Gromen, CFA
Forest for the Trees

For more information on subscribing to our research or other questions, please contact our team at info@fftt-llc.com or call 440.732.0764.