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** Photo from our last virtual event held 11/18

Dear Friend,

Once a quarter we like to get together with like minded people through hosting our LIVE 2 hour virtual event. 

It allows us to share our most recent thoughts and insights on events that are impacting our geopolitical landscape as well as our economic one. 

Our most recent LIVE virtual event, The 1Q19 Recap, was held on Tuesday March 26, 2019 at 3pmEST.

In this event, we covered:

  1. Why markets are not properly discounting/prepared for structural risks associated with “de-globalization”
  2. Are MMT discussions just a symptom of building US fiscal pressures? 
  3. Update on US/China trade tensions/discussions.  

During this 2 hour event, I held a 45 minute presentation along with a slide deck.  The remainder of the event will be Q&A from those attending the live event.  You will receive a copy of the replay to refer back to.

We had 30 seats available for this event as we want to be sure that everyone has the opportunity to get their questions answered. 

This replay is available for purchase for $47.  BUY THE REPLAY HERE.

Here are what others have said about past events:

“Really enjoyed the event, it  helped me to clarify my thoughts.” ~J.H.

“The highly anticipated" Wrap Up" certainly met and exceeded my expectations.  Hope to see at least a couple a year in addition to Tree Rings.  The Q&A most helpful.  Very glad the new wrinkle of oil producers perhaps  looking for price in best currency was covered.” ~E.H.

“I joined this event to get a better understanding of the macro forces playing out, my expectations were met!” ~N.E.

“Luke is one of the best original thinkers out there. Twitter feeds are sometimes cryptic; so being at the webinar with the opportunities to ask questions are extremely valuable. “ ~A.W.

Hope to see you on 3/26!  Click on the photo below to register for the event!

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