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"The incredible work of @LukeGromen was the inspiration for a lot of this presentation.  Follow him. You'll thank me!"  ~ Grant Williams, Author of 'Things that Make you go Hmmm'



Critical thinking for Sophisticated Investors.


The Forest For The Trees is an in-depth research service provider for institutional and individual investors.  We are focused on aggregating macroeconomic and thematic trends from many different industry verticals in an unconventional manner, with a particular eye towards recognizing investable developing economic bottlenecks for our customers.  

Our serious contrarian streak, ability to find and succinctly summarize the most critical pieces of information on a given topic, study of economic history and objective observation of key economic actors and events provides our customers a unique view of the world that adds significant value to their investment process.


FFTT, LLC offers tiered subscription models that meet the needs for both institutional and individual investors. For information on subscribing to our research, please contact Mary Ryan at mary@fftt-llc.com or call 440.732.0764

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