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"The incredible work of @LukeGromen was the inspiration for a lot of this presentation.  Follow him. You'll thank me!" 

~ Grant Williams, Author of 'Things that Make you go Hmmm'

Are you swimming in information overload when what you are really looking for is valuable knowledge that will help you connect the dots?

The internet is great, within it lies VALUABLE information that will help serve as markers in this rapidly changing economic environment.  However, that information cannot help you if: A) You do not have the time to sift through ALL of the information out there that would enhance your investment process. and B) You have only a handful of perspectives to consider when applying your investment strategies.

Hi, I'm Luke Gromen - CEO and Founder of FFTT, LLC. 

FFTT, LLC IS a vessel of critical thinking for sophisticated institutional and individual investors. 

FFTT, LLC (“Forest For The Trees”) is a boutique macro/thematic research firm that aggregates large amounts of data from disparate, publicly-available sources in an unconventional manner with the goal of identifying developing economic bottlenecks in a variety of different sectors/macro themes.  We take this approach because our 21+ years’ experience on Wall Street suggests that over time, excess returns accrue to those sectors that are positioned to benefit from economic bottlenecks. 

Are you looking for an in-depth, holistic, alternative perspective that will help you critically think when it comes to your own investment process? 

Access one of our most popular reports, Mr. X and gain a new perspective. 

Here are what others' are saying about the Mr. X Report:

"Mind Blowing!" ~V.J.

"I am a big fan of your research!" ~S.P.

"Thanks, Luke - for all of the effort and insight!" ~E.H.

"Mr. X is one bad dude!" ~H.H.

Key Points of the Mr. X report are:

We called it the Fed “shooting the hostage” in two different reports last month; Mr. X calls it “burning down the world” or “calling in an airstrike inside your own wire”. Whatever you want to call it, we are becoming increasingly convinced that officials at the Fed, US Treasury and US State Department all now understand:

              1. The game that China is playing.

              2. This game is in the later innings.

              3. Left unchecked, China’s moves will structurally reduce the US government’s ability to run Federal deficits ad infinitum with no negative impact on the USD.

If we are right that the US Fed and Treasury are willing to significantly weaponize the USD, as the BIS said 18 months ago, “There may be no winners from a stronger USD.”

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