the  forest  for  the  trees

All you want to do is connect the dots, right?

Information overload is real. The onset of the internet has given us access to so much data that it’s seriously overwhelming - what’s real and true? What sources can you trust? Who are the top authorities out there?

Most information available online is valuable, some is clearly news that is unreliable, but making sense of it all can be a huge burden. And discerning valuable information takes time, time that you might not have.

You’re savvy with your finances and looking for someone you can trust. Someone who can give you the information you need, delivered in a way that makes sense, specifically for the purpose of helping you make smarter investment decisions.

That’s where I come in.

Hi, I’m Luke Gromen, founder of FFTT, LLC (Forest for the Trees). And I’ve been helping people just like you connect the dots since 1995.

You’re either part of a sophisticated financial institution or you’re a private investor ready to make more informed decisions.

You’re ready to cut through the fodder to get only the most valuable information that’s available. 

With FFTT, LLC, you’re not only getting access to the financial data that matters, you’re getting my historical analysis, critical thinking, and thematic research to help you make informed decisions.

When you connect with FFTT, LLC, you’ll meet Mr. X, a fictional, sovereign creditor, who I discuss how the changes to the USD will likely affect the global economy to create financial and geopolitical shifts in the coming years.

We’re giving voice to the concerns you care about. The very real fears you have. Your honest, inquisitive questions answered intuitively. As well as perspectives that you might not have considered before.

Together, our insight will lead you to make smarter, more informed investment decisions so your entire family feels safe and secure for the future.

The FFTT, LLC weekly newsletter will bring you in-depth, holistic, alternative insights you won’t find anywhere else.

Access one of our most popular reports from Mr. X to gain a new perspective.

What does all this mean?

Here’s what you should take away from this report:

1) If "Big deficits + tighter monetary policy is good for the USD, then big deficits + looser monetary policy should be USD negative.”

2) The "Soros/ Druckenmiller-inspired strong USD playbook” you and I discussed nearly two years ago and which was tried by the US Administration and US Fed over the past nine months just failed, but structural USD bulls are as yet still in denial about it.

3) For as long as FX-hedged UST yields remain negative and the USD is not weakened meaningfully, the only assets you’ll likely want to own are cash and gold. If authorities let this situation persist for too long without weakening the USD, the global economy will likely head towards recession."

Understanding your financial future is within reach. You, too, can see the Forest for the Trees.

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Forest for the Trees

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